Civic Tech

Engaging with Communities, Accomplishing Public Good

What is Civic Tech?

Some say it is used to "empower citizens or help make government more accessible, efficient and effective." According to a recent report by the Knight Foundation on the rise of Civic Technology, Civic Tech extends beyond that to include "residents engaging in their communities, including sharing their time, information and resources". A tech reporter indicates that Civic Tech is "any tool or process that people as individuals or groups may use to affect the public arena".

Our involvement in Civic Tech

At Optimista, we view Civic Tech as a great way to accomplish public good, enabled by technology and open data. Our specific interest in Civic Tech ties in to our tech workforce development mission. We find opportunities for high-potential resources to participate in technology projects and initiatives in order to serve the community while gaining valuable work experiences and skills. Combined with formal education and training, Civic Tech experience exposes resources to technology and project life cycles in order to help with tech career entry and advancement goals.